Sunday, September 13, 2015

My name is Brookie and this is a journey through my digital world. One filled with many twists and turns that always lead me to some of the most interesting of situations. I am a virtual dress up doll, that spends most of my time shopping and exploring all that SecondLife has to offer. I build sets and create scenes from various items that I collect throughout my journey. A shopaholic and gacha addict there is always something new to play with and create. A bit of a social butterfly at times with an ecclectic group of friends who have helped me along my journey in so many ways. My adventure has been a long one, longer than I had anticipated, but when you live in a wolrd where you can be anything, why stop at being only one? Each day I find myself delving into something new. I find inspiration in almost everything that I see. With an abundance of amazing events and creators out there, my journey might be an endless one. A constant changing palate of new discoveries just waiting to be found.....which will I find next?

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