Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Anti Social

                    I was told today that I am anti-social. I never really thought about before that moment, but I guess I will have to agree. My life tends to go in waves. I have my moments, bathing in the glow of attention, holding 'Center Court' at a local hangout or taking to the airwaves to share my love for music with the masses. But I also have moments *rare as they maybe* where I can completely focus and submerge myself into a creative stream of consciousness. In the zone,i suppose.It is not because I do not want to be around others, I am just getting lost in my own little world. That being said I am going to try and see new places, maybe even start my own little 'Destination Guide' in a side bar :-)  

                     Anyway with all the event hopping and shopping I do, it takes AGES for me to sort or even figure out where to begin sorting all of the folders and objects that I have managed to accumulate over the past X amount of days. Thus the vicious cycle begins. Shop, become inspired by what I find *mind races* looks around and find something else, sparking another idea, buys everything I can get my grubby little hands on and then spend the next week getting my hands on the few pieces I missed the first time around. & days later, eyes wide and head still spinning i open my inventory and cringe. The faint smell of smoke teases my nostrils as my brain melts. Forgetting half of what I have bought I look at recent things and find a pattern *well some sort of a similarity among a group of various items* and I begin putting together a set. That alone only causes more shopping. there is always something i think of at the last moment, when I am looking at my possible shot. Little bits of something here or there, that I most likely have but lost in that catastrophe of an inventory. I am sure you can see the cycle. I will stop myself now before I ramble further and explain the process over the next ump-teen posts.

Doll collection from TAG Gacha.
 Creator:  Remarkable Oblivion

Bring Me to Life

Teleport to The Arcade

*Tentacio* Galatea Doll (only the limbs used)
-DRD- MM Chandelier
[ContraptioN] Musical Clock: Of Silk and Steel

Torso- Belleza Venus

A Friend to All

Aisling Arius Queen at Fantasy Gacha Arena
Crown - Rare
Collar/Bra- Black
Arms- Black
Skirt- Crimson

Candy Crunchers - Wonder Staff - Red
[RoLu Poses] Lion - Mesh Gacha Rare

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