Thursday, March 10, 2016

Beyond the Wall

Sometimes I can just sit and play with lights for hours.
 It is funny how even one object or accessory can turn  into an adventure.
That is what started me on this adventure.
Coming to you March 11th @ The Instruments

StarGazer Beyond the Wall Pure Skin @ The Instruments
StarGazer Sylphine Hair - Beyond the Wall @ The Instruments
StarGazer Beyond the Wall Eyes @ The Instruments
!deviousMind N'Shaddaa - Arm Chains 
!deviousMind N'Shaddaa -  Chain Bra

InMotion Poses - The dance of dragons @ The Instruments
InMotion Poses - Valar Dohaeris @ The Instruments

Shot on location @ Araxes Mu Draconis Desert Spice Planet

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