Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Too soon for a tree? How about puppies?

OK so it might still be a bit early for some of you to have a christmas tree up already. But being in the tropics I tend to embrace the winter season and its holidays in SL a bit more. It is just not the same decortaing when its in the 80's outside. So I try to get my fill of it in SL.
As the holidays approach and the insanity just starts to creep its way in, Dante and I have decided to move. As if the craziness of the season was not enough! In the middle of all the unpacking and sorting of things the fur babies and I have found our tree. All set up and decorated, we take a well deserved break to play some ball and pose for a picture.

[MC]Merlin Creation outfit, hat and hair with huds - Joline @ Pixra
.:KC:.CALGARY Wooly Heels
Dark Passions - Koffin Nails  - Over The Moon
.:Joplino:. Happy Puppy Family (Paws)

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