Sunday, November 8, 2015

Personal Jesus

 Two awesome events this week

Fantasy Gacha Carnival 

A Winter Night in the Forgotten Forest

Fantasy Gacha Carnival 

Nov.7th - Dec. 6th

.ARISE. Angel Claws  Maitreya SILVER
.AiShA. Angelical Halo Silver (C)
Meva Tudor Mask
>glYph< Leonora Jewelry Necklace Ultrarare 
Suicide Gurls  Leliel Skin - White Eyebrows / Cleavage - RARE 1
*paper moon* Visage: Stone II - Statue 12/Dia de Muertos

non event related
*CS* Mother Full Scene & Pose

Nov. 7 - 14th

Roped Passions  Kelekona "Exclusive" Robe 
.:Glint:.War of Roses Earrings Hoop

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