Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fly to the Angels

You never know when inspiration will hit you. This time it is a combination of things.
The coming of  Fantasy Gacha Carnival and the art of one of my favorite flickrites "Ephemeral" Skye Nefekalum. With that being said and Fantasy Gacha Carnival still a few days away, here is a skeak peek of some of the amazing creation that await you this round!!

Nov 6th - Dec 6th

*Sweet Lies* Andromeda Pauldrons Silver 13 RARE
*Sweet Lies* Galatea Collar Mesh Silver 1 COMMON
*Sweet Lies* Galatea Legwrap Mesh Silver L&R 4 COMMON
FDD Stories *Eurwen* Hair ULTRARARE
Suicide Gurls - Leliel Skin - Gray Eyebrows / Cleavage - RARE 4
*Eternal Dream* Angel Poses and Plumes Silver 
Luas Olympus Dress M Silver RARE
Luas Olympus Wings Silver
Luas Olympus Wreath Silver
*Sweet Kajira* Morgana  silver armband L 
*Sweet Kajira* Morgana silver armband R 
.Charm. Runyan // Silver // Headpiece // RARE

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