Monday, October 5, 2015

I Love Fall

I do love the fall, the crisp air, the colored leaves, warm apple cider and pie fresh from the oven. Opening all of the windows and letting the fresh air sweep through the house cleaning it and filling it with the fresh smell of autumn. I recently have gotten these two prop/poses from Fashiowl Poses and was quickly reminded just how much I miss fall. A northerner living in the south I do not get the change of seasons that I am use to so instead, I create it here and thanks to RudeCats I was kept nice and warm through the entire shoot!!

RudeCats - Black Padded Jacket 
fashiowl poses - I'm a Cowboy! - Pose/Prop/Hat
fashiowl poses - Autumn Wagon - PoseProp/Extras

Fawny - Soft Chinchilla - 3
Fawny - Soft Chinchilla - 4
[Angelic Designs] [Blair] Halloween Stall

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